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Established by George Eastman House in 2006, Notes On Photographs is a tool for communication among students, historians, collectors, curators, conservators, archivists, practitioners, and the interested public. The site is an international forum for gathering information that enhances the communal understanding of the photographic print.

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Marks + Inscriptions
Signatures, stamps, and labels are among the distinguishing characteristics marking individual prints that aid in characterizing the work of a particular photographer. The characterization database records these and many other characteristic details of specific photographic prints.

Photographers + Prints
Identification and characterization of key attributes of the work of specific photographers enhances understanding of valued photographic prints. Compare and contrast individual prints in the Print Room.

Materials + Techniques
The choice of materials and techniques applied in photography are intrinsic to the photographs that are produced. Recognizing these artifacts and understanding the creative process of an individual photographer deepens appreciation of the photograph.

Condition issues, relative to the work of an individual photographer or to a specific process, have implications for treatment and future care of the print. Conservation encompasses scientific analysis, guidelines for photograph documentation, and glossaries for related terms.

Just Added! Index to the Research from the Andrew W. Mellon Advanced Residency Program in Photograph Conservation.

Reference Resources
Sharing expertise through authored articles and glossaries dynamically builds a repository of knowledge.

Featured Project

The history of Kodak fiber based papers spanned over 100 years from the 1880s to 2005 leaving behind a rich legacy. Unfortunately, much of the manufacturing history was unrecorded or, along with most of the first-hand knowledge, has now been lost. However, some of the history remains -- in archives, libraries, and unpublished documents -- like pieces of a puzzle waiting to be put together.

The 2007 edition of A Guide to the Surface Characteristics, Kodak Fiber Based Black and White Papers sought to assemble available pieces of this puzzle to fill in missing gaps and to bring back some of the past history. The Introduction to the 2007 edition concluded with the following:

“As the title of this work states, it is a guide, not a definitive technical paper nor an exhaustive examination of all possible resources. … Hopefully, this attempt to recapture the history will aid in the discovery of new information that will provide additional clarity.”

New pieces to the puzzle and better information to interpret the available history continue to be found. This new research has prompted the need to revise earlier statements, to adjust assumptions, and, in some cases, correct misinterpretations.

This second edition is not a sign that the search is over. New information has closed some gaps but has opened others. The work to rebuild the history of the fiber based papers continues.

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