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From George Eastman House : Notes On Photographs

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Mark Osterman

Process Historian, Advanced Residency Program in Photograph Conservation
George Eastman House
900 East Avenue
Rochester, NY 14607
United States


Brief Summary

Mark Osterman received his B.F.A. from the Kansas City Art Institute. His major study was musical instrument making with an emphasis in mother-of-pearl inlay and engraving. Mark came to the Advanced Residency Program as a professional teacher. He taught fine arts photography and silkscreen printing for twenty years at the George School, a private Quaker boarding and day school in eastern Pennsylvania. In the mid-1980s Mark started to conduct research in ninteenth-century photography, in particular, the wet-plate collodion process.

In 1995, Mark and his wife, France Scully Osterman, started teaching wet-plate collodion workshops at George Eastman House and publishing the Collodion Journal, a quarterly devoted to the technical theory and history of the process. Their writings and images are widely published, and the Ostermans are recognized as the leading experts on the collodion process and its variants. They continue to do primary research, give lectures, and conduct workshops internationally on a variety of historic processes.

Since Mark started teaching in the Advanced Residency Program as the process historian, he has added several more processes to his curriculum, from the earliest Niépce processes to gelatin emulsion making. He is now researching early color photography. Fellows are allowed to conduct their own process research at the Ostermans’ ninteenth-century-style skylight studio a few minutes from George Eastman House.

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