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  • What is Digital Photography?

    What is Digital Photography?

    Digital photography has changed the way that we take pictures. Before, photographers had to own expensive equipment and develop film. Now, digital cameras can be used on mobile phones and computers in the home. This makes photography affordable and accessible to almostRead More

  • Types of Photography

    Types of Photography

    Photography can be categorized into several types. These include portraiture, Fine art, landscape, and forensics. Portraiture is the broadest type of photography. Learn more about the different types of photography in this article. These types of photos can be used for personalRead More

  • Types of Camera Lenses and Their Functions

    Types of Camera Lenses and Their Functions

    There are several types of camera lenses that can be used to take photos. Among them are the Wide-angle, Telephoto, Fish-eye and Infrared lenses. It is important to choose the right lens for the situation to achieve the best result. Let usRead More